A step by step guide on how to buy DankMoon Coin Network from Pancakeswap.

How to Buy

Step 1: Connect to PancakeSwap Exchange
Open your wallet, now open the browser and paste the PancakeSwap trusted link from Dank Moon Coin Network telegram group or website.
Step 2: Import Dank Moon Coin Network
You should be on PancakeSwap at this point, now tick ``I understand`` box and import DankMoon Coin Network token, but make sure you are connected to Binance Smart (BSC) Contract Address 0xa28CdBdB7a9736B36692EE37C17db58c18d0FfD7
Step 3: Set Slippage tollerance
Set the slippage tollerance to 12% and exit the window, it will save it automatically. Now set the amount of BNB you want to buy and click swap


You are now a DankMoon Coin Network holder, make sure you custom add the token in your wallet, reach out admins on telegram for further information.
Now all that’s left is to HODL!